Trimming Payment Processing Fees, Strengthening PCI Compliance


Enloop, a San Francisco, CA Web-based subscription service that generates investor-ready business plans for startups, was spending too much on processing fees for its recurring subscription payments. Enloop was using a third-party, off-the-shelf ExpressionEngine module that was previously customized by a different developer. The owner wanted Intercarve to identify and implement a platform that would save her money on processing fees.


The system's external behavior was to remain intact, so that customer interaction was not impacted in any way.

In a time-sensitive migration, customer credit card data needed to be obtained from, imported and merged with subscription details from a local database, and posted in real time to the new provider.


After analyzing the fee structures of the most popular payment-processing platforms, Intercarve determined that Stripe offered the ideal balance of annual cost savings and API platform capabilities.

Our in-house team then replaced the ExpressionEngine module with a new one that communicated with Stripe instead of

We then wrote and ran an automated migration script that created customers and subscriptions in Stripe that matched those of the old systems, down to the exact second.

Finally, we ran regression tests to verify our results and provide ongoing support.


  • Strengthened Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance

  • Significantly improved system logging capability

  • Reduced processing fees 2% to 6%, depending on the credit card used