We're available for short and long-term consulting contracts for a variety of skills.

Contract Programming

No job is too small for us. We know that not everyone is looking for a long-term relationship. Sometimes you need support to relieve backlogs, perform runoffs or lead a special project that requires expertise and attention that your staff can't accommodate because they're spread too thin. If you have software, our custom programmers can analyze it, design it, create it, enhance it or fix it.

Our language experience includes, but is not limited to:

System Administration

During his 20 years as a Unix/Linux systems engineer, CEO Brian Cohen has accumulated extensive expertise in securing, configuring, installing and deploying the critical networks and technologies that help power the web.

Maybe you need help designing or configuring a new system. Maybe you're having trouble with an Open Source application or require a seasoned sysadmin who can performance tune your current system.

From basic configuration, cybersecurity and network- and system diagnostics to security patch management and end-user remote control, we help you leverage your network to its full advantage.

Here is a sampling of our systems experience:

  • Load balancing and web traffic distribution

  • Syslog


  • Apache

Software Architecture

There's a time to dive in and build. There are times when a more thoughtful approach is necessary. Our enterprise software consultants help you determine the right approach for your business.

Maybe you need a rebuild. Maybe your software must be refactored in a way that better supports team development. Maybe you have technology with two wildly different approaches and you don't know which solution is best. Rather than propose hammer-and-nail fixes, we guide your decision-making in choosing program methodologies, languages, hosting platforms and other solutions that help streamline performance, effectively manage your systemÕs scalability and capability, and solve your challenges for the long-term.

Database Design & Administration

We have experience in provisioning, repairing, backup and restore, and optimization in a wide range of commonly used database engines, including:

  • MySQL
  • NoSQL engines like MongoDB, CouchBase and Redis
  • Microsoft SQL
  • SQLite