About Intercarve

Like you, custom software expert Brian Cohen never takes the path of least resistance. An obsessive problem-solver, Brian seizes on complex challenges. Successful companies need innovative, game-changing solutions to grow profits, boost efficiencies and outpace the competition. Brian’s clients trust him because he designs and implements solutions that make them money.

Brian is a software architect, full-stack web software engineer and founder of Intercarve. He and his in-house team in Albany, NY provide custom business application development, web integration services and software consulting services to businesses that value IT partnerships and longstanding relationships as integral to their business model.

Committed to the Unix philosophy, Brian believes that a single piece of software should do one thing well, and that software programs should work well together. Because fewer moving parts ensure that fewer things go wrong, he builds simple, short, clear, modern, scalable, full life-cycle programs that can be easily maintained and repurposed by other developers.

A native of Westchester County, NY, Brian holds a four-year engineering degree in Computer Science from the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD. Brian and his wife, Jodie, live with their two young children on the outskirts of Albany, in upstate New York.

Prior to 2015, Brian and Intercarve were headquartered in downtown Boise, Idaho. Intercarve now proudly makes its home in the up-and-coming Warehouse District along the Albany waterfront.